What kind of wetsuit do I in San Francisco?

I wear a 3/2mm suit at the very least. In the winter/spring months, I usually wear a 4/3mm or even a 5/4mm because I get cold easily. 

Anything I sell at Traveler, I recommend because I use it personally. Check out these wetsuits.

I don't have my own board yet.  What kind of board do I need?

Depending on your height and weight, I suggest learning to surf on a longboard (9 feet or bigger) because of the  stability a longboard provides.  The length, width, and thickness= more float and stability. You will have more success catching waves and standing up on a longboard.  The soft surfboards (aka foamie, wavestorm, soft top) are great for your first few times.  They are durable and not as likely to cause you damage because the are made of softer material.  Fiberglass and foam is your next step. They have an awesome feel in the water and are much more maneuverable.   

Do you rent wetsuits?

Yes, I have a few sizes of wetsuits for rent. Let me know your height and weight before our lesson. Wetsuits rentals are $20.

Do you rent boards?

 I have a few boards including some 8'0 and 9'O Soft longboards you can rent for $30. Let me know ahead of time your height and weight. 

Do I need booties?!

While it is not required, booties are nice to have! They protect your feet from scraping rocks, keep your feet warm, and add extra grip to the board.  You should be fine with 2mm or 3mm thickness for Central/Northern California. Booties are hard to get on and off, but worth the struggle :) Here is a pair with side zippers for easier on and off.  

Do you wear a bathing suit under your wetsuit?

You can, but many surfers don't wear anything under the wetsuit.  Totally a personal thing. Sometimes it makes changing in the parking lot easier if you have a suit for coverage, but as you get good at changing in your towel, you may not want to deal with a bathing suit.  

What books do you recommend on surfing?

NorCal Guide by Surfer Magazine is a great guide to throw in the car as you adventure up the coast.

A Brief History of Surfing by Matt Warshaw will help you learn a bit about the sport/lifestyle you are about to enjoy.


What apps or surf forecasts do you recommend?

Surfline, Wetsand

What's your teaching schedule?

A lot of my teaching schedule depends on the wind, swell, and tides.  Weekdays are always better, but many weekends work fine too. 

Let me know what works for you and we can make it happen!