Yoga for Surfing - 3 Recommended Videos

Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 3.50.23 PM.png

Surfing is my main form of exercise, but I find that if I don't keep up with a regular yoga practice (even just 10 minutes per day) I my muscles are tight and it is more difficult to spring into surf action when I need to. It's no mystery that keeping your body in great physical shape is one of the keys to great surfing.  So, to prepare for a surf session or to stay loose after a session I take advantage of the wonderful world wide web to keep me on track with the yoga videos below.  These are just suggestions, so find a yoga instructor and style you like and bookmark it!

Above: Morning yoga for flexibility (9 mins)

Above: Pre-surf yoga (17 mins)

Above: Post-surf yoga (11 mins)

What are some of your favorite yoga videos? Drop me a line or comment here. Namaste!