California Sunset

California Sunset


It’s been 3 years since I had my twins and I was pretty nervous about getting in the water after such a long while. I’m definitely a beginner :) Julie was fantastic! She’s calm, professional, relaxed, supportive and an all round great instructor. I had a blast! If you want friendly, encouraging instruction from an expert then she’s your gal!
— Laura Vollset, Santa Cruz
I took my first lesson with Julie over Labor Day weekend. I am a beginner and Julie immediately put me at ease and I learned so much in our first two hours together. She gave me hands-on tips that enabled me to pop-up our first time on the water together. I have since taken a few lessons with Julie and I cannot say enough about her coacing style and grace in the water. I bought my first-ever surfboard from her this fall and cannot wait to take it out. I highly recommend Julie to anyone looking to improve their skills. You’ll learn etiquette along the way.
— Jill Callan, San Francisco
Julie is the best surf instructor I have ever had. Her relaxed yet passionate style of teaching is welcoming and sincere. She supports the beginning surfer with encouragement and non-intimidating techniques. She is extremely talented and inspiring to watch.
— Suzanne Fisher, Martinez, California
Julie is my inspiration. She helped me come in third place in my first comp!!!! She is such a nice caring person and is willing to teach anyone. And she is the most graceful surfer I have ever seen. Julie is a one of a kind coach that will be with you every step of the way! :)
— Caity Brower, 11 years old, Danville, California
I can’t imagine a better swim instructor for my 9-year old daughter Sophia. Julie is clearly a skilled surf coach, she is great with children, and an exquisit role model!
— Rochelle McLaughlin, San Carlos, California
Julie is a FABULOUS surf instructor. She is an incredible water woman and is one of the most graceful surfers I have ever witnessed. She’s very good with people, kind, and patient - qualities that provide a level comfort and confidence that students relish and are inspired by to be good surfers themselves. She’s an excellent role model to look up to, whether you’re a pro surfer or a beginning one.
— Ashley Lloyd Santa Cruz, California
Julie is the most positive instructor. I think she’s one of the few people who can offer critique and make you feel good at the same time. Combined with strong teaching skills, that kind of energy is awesome fun to be around you while you are learning. I got up on the board again and again.
— Alice Martin Portland, Oregon
We enjoyed the specific feedback Julie relayed to us while we were surfing so that we could make quick improvements in our surf technique. She created a fun and anxiety free lesson and delivered many “pearls” about the sport. We improved our wave judgment, wave selection, and timing of the “pop up” all crucial in surfing. Julie is special because she is a real surfer; she lives the life and culture and lets you into that magnificent world. The only improvements that we can recommend are that she has more clinics!
— Bernadette and Eugene, San Diego, California

The ocean is your ultimate teacher; let Julie be your guide.

The sheer exhilaration of riding energy generated by wind or storms thousands of miles away is indescribable. As all surfers know, there is much more to surfing than the single act of standing up on a wave. 

With thousands hours of water time logged and hundreds of surfers taught, Julie has developed a calm demeanor and a deep passion for surfing, its lifestyle, and history.

Whether you're a beginner or an intermediate surfer, Julie loves helping people pick up the skills and the water knowledge that can otherwise take years to learn.  

For beginning surfers, she can help you with rental gear and give you your first lesson.  If you already surf, but feel that you are in a plateau, she is happy to schedule coaching sessions to help you advance more quickly. 

Julie currently teaches surf lessons in the San Francisco Bay Area including Linda Mar in Pacifica and sometimes Santa Cruz.  

Traveler Surf Club is owned by Julie and offers lessons as well. Learn more about the female surf instructors here

Linda Mar, Pacifica Rates

1 Person 2 hr. Private Lesson: $225  

2 Person 2 hr. Lesson: $375

Rates include a Drop-In Pass to the Traveler Surf & Swim Club with hot showers, changing rooms, heated outdoor furniture, and hot coffee or tea after your session. 

Rates do not include gear.   Julie is happy to provide rental gear at additional cost of $30/surfboard, $20/wetsuit.  

Cash, check, or Venmo accepted.


What to expect: Get suited up, then spend 30-45 minutes on the beach for safety essentials, surfing etiquette, how to read a tide chart and why its important, paddling and pop-up simulation, and wave and crowd assessment.  Spend 1-1.5 hrs. in the water with Julie by your side providing feedback, wave advice, and encouragement. Lessons are tailored to your needs, so let Julie know if there is anything you'd like to focus on.